Patumahoe Location

Wrights Watergardens

128 Mauku Road
New Zealand

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Wrights Watergardens History

Wrights Watergardens are built around the historic Mauku Waterfall and stream. The area has a rich and eventful history.

During the 1800s, a huge waterwheel was located at the top of the waterfall which powered the flax mill built beside it. Once dismantled, the area became a favourite picnic spot and the site of many wedding proposals.

After the Second World War, the land was turned into a rock quarry which provided much of the hard metal for the roads leading out to the local steel mill. After the quarry was abandoned, noxious weeds and rubbish covered the area for several decades.

The quarry has now been transformed into a 4-acre garden, beautiful in all seasons. A different scene emerges each day, from the ever-changing selections of trees, shrubs and native plants. Waterlilies, lotus and iris all flourish in this stunning setting.

We hope you are able to come and experience the beauty and uniqueness of Wrights Watergardens for yourself.

Image of the historic Mauku Waterfall and stream